12. Conclusion

12.1 Blockchains Are Here to Stay

Satoshi Nakamoto’s work on Bitcoin and decentralized currencies in general initiated a paradigm shift in conventional thinking about social and commercial transactions. Indeed, the growing number of blockchain projects delivering platforms and innovative decentralized applications confirms the vast potential of these technologies. In this fast-evolving space, ARK is positioned as a robust solution for developers and organizations who are seeking streamlined and efficient ways of integrating blockchain solutions. With a few clicks, anyone - from the single, solitary innovator seeking to realize an idea, to the developer team of an established, household name enterprise seeking to transition to decentralized systems - can launch a blockchain and tap in to a global support network.

12.2 What the Future Holds for ARK

In a successful ARK Ecosystem, hundreds, if not thousands, of communities, businesses, enterprises, and organizations use ARK technology to deploy blockchains custom tailored to their needs. Other blockchain projects with tokens on a restrictive mainnet begin to break off and form their own ARK-based network, addressing their scalability concerns and reaching higher planes of flexibility using ARK Logic. They enjoy the freedom to evolve through the sovereignty they receive with ARK. They benefit from the speed and security ARK offers. They appreciate the simplicity of ARK technology. They receive needed support from the ARK Public Network, ARK business entity, and ARK community. These ARK-based chains interoperate via SmartBridge Technology with a thriving ARK mainnet that unifies through cross-chain protocols without regulating the distributed network.

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12.3 Get Involved

You play a key role in the success of ARK and you can bring tangible value that is truly appreciated by the whole of the ecosystem. If you are a developer, you can improve the code on Github by tackling issues and submitting pull requests. You can apply your own ideas to develop additional peripherals and plugins using ARK. You can become an ARK mainnet delegate, or even launch your own chain.

If you aren’t technically inclined, you can bring your own skills and talents to the table by asking questions, voting for delegates you support, accepting ARK for your business, receiving funding for an idea through the ARK Community Fund, and even helping the team in non-coding projects on the ARK Community Committee. ARK is for everyone, and together we can bring to the world the true vision of Point. Click. Blockchain.

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