3. ARK Core Values

3.1 Simplicity

ARK believes first and foremost that to be truly useful, blockchain technology must be made simple for both users and developers. ARK tools, projects, and products are designed for widespread use, to allow even novice developers to quickly and efficiently build sophisticated blockchain solutions. Just as Android OS brings mobile development to the masses in an open source environment, so does ARK, with its software development kits, lean and stable Core, versatile plugins, and intuitive user interfaces. Simplicity is the cornerstone of ARK’s core values.

3.2 Security

Today’s global infrastructure brings with it risks and vulnerabilities. Insecure data silos, untrustworthy middle men, and honeypots represent just a few of the weak points that threaten efficient transactions and flows of data. Blockchains mitigate these risks and ensure security through a unique blend of cryptography, decentralized peer-to-peer networks, and reward incentives. In the landscape of decentralized technology platforms, ARK offers a key advantage over Proof-of-Work networks like Bitcoin by ensuring the security of even small networks (networks with few nodes). This is achieved through ARK’s unique Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.

3.3 Speed

On the Public Network, ARK offers fast eight-second block times. This speed can be adjusted as needed on each bridgechain, according to design and application requirements. ARK's customizable solutions allow developers to independently optimize levels of speed, security, and decentralization. Moreover, products like the ARK Deployer enable developers from all walks of life to deploy standalone blockchains much faster than some other solutions currently in the field. This, coupled with well over a dozen SDKs, allows developers to stand up prototypes, MPVs, and production-level solutions quickly.

3.4 Scalability

The ARK consensus mechanism offers further built-in scaling advantages. Delegated Proof-of-Stake means that nodes conserve resources and scale up as needed to handle throughput demand. Moreover, the network does not rely on every single endpoint to meet performance requirements, since end users do not run full nodes. Rather, they run lite clients and leverage their stake in the network to assign responsibility to nodes judged worthy to secure and run the network. This maintains power in users’ hands while simultaneously creating a highly scalable environment. ARK technology also achieves higher performance through custom parameters, configurations, and network layouts. ARK removes bottlenecks caused by the conventional ‘one chain, many solutions approach’ by enabling users to customize their blockchains within a broad ecosystem of linked chains.

3.5 Sovereignty

ARK believes that any organization, community, or other entity within the ARK Ecosystem should retain the right to create a network of utility and governance without obligation to rely on external rules or limitations. This goes against the current trend, wherein one main blockchain network offers leased solutions that require interaction with that main network. This leased approach does not work over the long-term. As technologies and projects on distributed networks evolve over time, the central, governing platform once seen as support is regarded as restrictive and inflexible, in a situation that recalls colonizing countries that assert dominion from afar. Eventually, colonies seek sovereignty to forge their own future, and this rings true in distributed networks as well. The scaling limitations and imposed governance of ‘one size fits all’ blockchains will turn sour for disparate communities and organizations aiming to evolve autonomously. Blockchains launched on the ARK platform are self-governing and free to engage with each other and the ARK Public Network as desired.

3.6 Support

Blockchain technology that is easy to use and deploy still brings with it the need for support and help. By contributing to the ARK Public Network code base and working hand-in-hand with the ARK team, community developers have a place to both hone their skills and assist other entities who may need help deploying ARK technology. ARK Public Network delegates have become experts in ARK network maintenance and security. Incubators and consultancy firms can also offer solutions and guidance to new projects. Choosing ARK as a blockchain solution means access to a large talent pool of support.